Wedding Fashion:Glitterati Gowns On Brides

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Some women just can’t get enough of glitter. This is why there are brides who prefer to have their dresses sparkle to feel complete. Other brides want glittery gowns to stand out. Nothing’s wrong with this style, however, sparkle from head to toe might be a little too overwhelming for the eyes.

Anybody can get away with silver. Even top-to-toe silver glitz is fine , especially when it comes in embroideries and beaded appliques. Silver dust glittering fabrics might be too much for attention and too discotheque, yet as you are the bride you get to decide.

Gold may be a classic but designers have modernized it into something Cleopatra would still have worn if she was alive. Gold-encrusted embellishments and fabrics are very regal. But golden glitters? More like showgirl fashion than bridal.

What about colored glitters? These spell town fiestas, casino nights, prom dresses and  more disco balls than you could ever imagine. Although they might work for bridesmaids dresses and flower girls’ outfits, no matter how famous the designer is,  a bride would only look ridiculously cheap in them.

Bridal fashion should be classy, beautiful, and elegant. If you really want a glittered gown, choose or have one made which is only partly glittered. Many designers have a flair for glitter yet only a few have mastered the art of making brides look fashionable with it. You may also focus glitz on accessories such as metallic pieces, or ones sprinkled fully with metallic dust. Glitz may also be on your shoes. Just choose a very few portions to sparkle up, ask opinions of fashionista friends and you’ll be ready for the aisle .




Bridal Jewelry Trends 2013

A bride can wear anything on her neck, except a tight rope. There are many types of jewelries and accessories available to flatter any woman’s look on her wedding day. How to choose the most appropriate pieces depends on the bridal theme and season.


Big, bold, and ballistic is the direction where trends are going for brides this 2013. Since diamonds are classics, we ought to set them aside in this article. The same with pearls, no matter how flawless they may be, especially that the  exciting trends today are ringing more wedding bells. However these two are the most sought after gems in bridal fashion. Diamond-studded cuffs, necklaces, earrings, and minaudieres are looking quite elegant, as usual while pearls are innovated into more modern designs. Not just the traditional single-string pearl necklace and pearl stud.

Turquoise makes it from 2012 to 2013 as a significant bridal accessory trend. Its elegance is mesmerizing, competing with fragile-looking glass-like crystals.


Flapper Fashion is well-loved today, and more welcomed in sophisticated views than they ever were back in the twenties with the reckless and rebellious behaviour of young women flaunting about their smoking habits, dancing partners, and pretty legs. From that era, we derived glamour, including hairslips and headbands with full sparkly embellishments.


Statement items are in, especially metallic cuffs and rings. They could come in shiny crystals with solid colors together withe transparent ones. Bracelets are layered, earrings almost reach the shoulders and necklaces- too many styles to mention.




How To Dress Like A Royal Bride




If you want to wed like royalty, follow these useful guidelines in choosing a dress fit for a princess or queen.

The dress must be full-length, either ground-sweeping, or just beyond the feet. You don’t see royal brides wearing minidresses, high-slits, or even hi-low hemlines, do you? So if you want to wed like a princess, deal with the long gown style.

Wear white. It should be the first thing on your mind. Although Mary Queen of Scots was known to wear black on her wedding day, most guests and audiences would still be surprised to brides wearing a different color. Yes, the trends for wedding fashion 2013 come in red, blue, gray, and even green dresses for weddings. Yet for a bride who is always at the center of attraction, it’s better to stick with tradition and wear the heavenly white.

White is classic and so is lace. Opt for intricate embroidery and you’ll be as grand as a regal bride. Lace is sexy when embellished on the right places. Choose a dress with lace on sheer, especially at the chest, on the shoulders, around the neck, or covering the sleeves. It may also be worn on the veil, trail, or the skirting.

Sleeves must be long enough to hide everything but the wrist. Sometimes, the wrists are also hidden, yet some royal brides opt for the three-fourths style.


Have a long trail that little girls can carry . There’s no better way to feel like a queen when you’ve got somebody carrying your royal piece of clothing at your back.


Last but not least, mind the neckline. Anything too revealing will cause a shock.

Golden Brides in Gold Fashion


Fifty years as his wife and still counting? Whether you agree or not, fifty years is not a simple thing when it comes to marriage. To reach that long is quite an admirable situation for all couples, no matter how challenging their experiences were. Such a number of years as a couple is worth celebrating. Some marriages don’t even last that long.

It doesn’t matter whose idea it was to celebrate your Golden Wedding Anniversary. What’s important is you’re as excited about it as we are. What we’re curious about is your dazzling gold dress and it ought to be special. No, you can’t wear yellow or any other shade near it. It just won’t do. Gold is gold and it has other shades you can choose from, too, depending on your skin tone.






Are you planning to wear a mid-length dress, or would you like it to be full and floor-sweeping. Given your age, which isn’t really an issue, we’re also concerned with your safety. Having a hemline that touches the ground might risk stepping over the hem and tripping, which we wouldn’t want to happen. It’s better if you chose a length that isn’t too long to step on. The weight of the dress shouldn’t be too heavy either, and just like silver frocks, gold dresses should also be less decorated. Otherwise, you might look over-the-top.



Have you started shopping? Surely, if you have daughters and you’re in good terms with them, shopping would be a great time for bonding and stressing over what all of you should wear on the big day. Start with the right shade of gold and then the cut of the dress. Beware of too much glitter, or you’ll blind the groom.


Bride In Sparkling Silver

Floral Appliques Floral Sparkle Silver Mermaid Prom Dress heidi_klum_silver_dress_gray_d ClaireDanes_MET_gala_050310 (7) Silver-Dress-4

Just how many couples make it to their silver wedding anniversary? In some countries, it is terribly unusual for married couples to last that long. Therefore, such event is to be celebrated greatly. It anticipates another twenty-five years of marriage till their fiftieth or golden anniversary.

What to wear? Age is just a number and there is no reason to understate a silver bride’s elegance. Silver itself is never understated. It’s as glamorous as gold.

Since, the theme is silver, brides usually the most shining shimmering splendid gowns. Some prefer the glossy, but not so glitzy ones. others opt for mild shades of gray or white with a little silver accent.

It could be you or your mother wearing the silver frock. Silver dresses look great on almost every woman as it is perfectly neutral and gives a youthful and dashing glow. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to shine on their wedding day?

There are numerous options online and in stores around the world when you’re looking for the perfect silver dress. To get the right one, you must choose what suits your complexion and bodyshape. You should also choose whatever it is comfortable to wear. A heavy dress might soon wear you out, instead of you wearing it like a glamazon.

Avoid having to much frills and fuss on a silver dress. It might overwhelm your look. Designers have their interesting versions of silver dresses and it is up to you to choose what fits best. Do shop with your daughters or friends as it is not just any occasion. Remember, every wedding is a day to remember.

Courthouse Fashion: All Rise For the Bride





The amount of elegance required in every wedding dress not measured at all but its chic factor should totally be reaching the highest standards. Welcome to courthouse fashion where dressing up is as democratic as any feel-free government. You don’t need to wear that floor-sweeping designer gown but you may put on a maxi dress or a short frock that makes a bride radiate along the way.



Courthouse rules let you wear anything as long as you’re not showing as much skin as a swimsuit or lingerie. What do you want to wear? What are you comfortable in?

As a bride, you have the privilege of being the apple of everyone’s eyes. It’s your special day and it is only right that you also feel special inside and out. What kind of dress fits your personality? Which clothing details, for exmple, colors, prints, fabrics, and  embellishments would you prefer?

Your dress has to be YOU. If not, you’ll be getting married in the wrong outfit. And if you look back years later, you might easily remember how you could have acquired a better frock than the one you had.

What type of dresses do you wear? When you go for shorter hemlines, how high can you go? If you’d rather dress in separates, would you consider wearing a skirt suit?

Perhaps you’re trend-conscious. This year, peplums are still a hit on the runways and many women, celebrity or not, are loving the hip-enhancing detail. If you want to be more daring, wear a non-traditional color in court. And don’t forget to slip into the hottest heels you can find.



Bridal Shoes


Shoes are as important as the dress as it can make or break an outfit. No matter how pretty  the clothes are, the whole appearance can easily be ruined by the wrong pair of footwear.

Especially in bridal attire, there is no excuse for the mistake of donning unflattering shoes since a wedding day is supposed to be special. Although it doesn’t necessarily happen once in every woman’s life, it is still important to choose perfectly.

It’s fine to wear shoes that blend with the color of the dress. It’s totally okay to wear something in contrast to it either. Some brides want shoes that stand out while others just prefer something sophisticated but not entirely attention-grabbing.

Designer shoes are often chosen by brides because they tend to emphasize elegance, chic factor and the perfect fit. Expensive, but worth it because women deserve all the best.



Since wedding gowns vary in color, shoes have become colorful as well.  Unless the theme is understated glam, one will be seeing whites, blush tints, or muted shades of pastels or neutrals. Imagine a woman dressed in white and see a pair of red pumps at her feet. Nowadays it is very common and you can usually find brides wearing bright and shocking colors for their shoes like burgundy, purple, fuchsia, green, blue, and metallics.








Shoes can be heel-less or with high heels. When it comes to shoes, a modern bride is fashion-forwardly vulgar.There is just no time to look ordinary or traditional once she decides.


What to Wear On your Engagement Party


As a future bride, you have one big thing to do- prepare. Before the wedding comes a series of events and activities such as dinners and parties for the engaged couple. The most important among these parties is the engagement celebration. Here you’ll have you parents, his parents, your families, friends and other important people in your lives.

Just as you planned for the party, it’s essential to plan for your outfit. Have you bought something new? For some reasons, you do need a new dress, especially since it’s a special occasion. Not only would you want to impress the future in-laws and guests, but you also want to feel good during that moment.

In buying the engagement dress, make sure it’s a perfect fit. Shop with your mom, sister or friends so you can get help and opinions from someone closer. They are more likely to tell you what looks good and which doesn’t than sales clerks you don’t even know.

Did you think of losing weight? Sometimes, it’s healthier to lose some extra pounds. It’s also more convenient for a bride or bride-to-be to move around with less stress when they’ve shrinked.

Do you know your bodyshape? If you’re huge on the upper half and small at the hips, you may choose a dress that distracts the eyes from the top and lures them away to the bottom part. If you’re smaller on the upside and got a bigger bum, pick styles that give volume to your shoulders, bust or neckline. For shapeless or boyish athletic figures, avoid fabrics that cling to the skin. Instead, wear an empire dress, or a basque waist frock, or even a mermaid-cut gown.